Our vision.

Time to do things differently.

Our world is in a constant state of flux. No industry is spared this change and that’s a good thing. Because change can yield tremendous benefit and opportunity for those who shape it. For that, a vision is required.

We aim to use digitalization in restructuring and reshaping established processes to achieve greater efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and opportunity.

We’re convinced that…


  • Energy consumption billing and measurement must be made simpler.
  • Whatever can be automated should be.

better reasoned

  • All established processes must be reconsidered and reasoned through.
  • To stay competitive, you must be ready and willing for constant reinvention.

more efficient

  • Heat cost allocation bills must be issued immediately following the end of a billing period.
  • Consumption-dependent billing (sub-metering) must be done efficiently to protect any potential energy-savings benefits from exhaustion.


  • Sub-metering can be so much more and can, specifically, play a decisive role in the digitalization of real estate.
  • Our products speak for us, and our customers should be spared unnecessary contract durations and closed device systems.

more transparent

  • Consumers should have access to information on their consumption at all times to prevent the unwanted surprise at the end of the year of additional utility costs.
  • Transparency and regular feedback for one’s own consumption can lead to energy conservation. Yet the goal must be for the work of energy conservation to simply run in the background.

more sustainable

  • Heat- and energy-generation must be more closely interlinked, and residential buildings should be further developed into "mini" power plants.
  • Intelligent data processing paves the way for the decentralized integration of renewable heat and energy generation and the optimal distribution of hybrid systems — for reduced CO2 emissions and readily-available hot water.

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What guides our team

Just as with our products, our team has a clear vision. Because a company supported by a strong values culture is most successful in the long run.

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Although Comgy is a comparatively young company, we bring with us a bit of history. This is due to the different backgrounds and experiences of our management team and founders.

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