­gateway series.

Hub and control center.

Supported transmission types:
S0, wM-Bus, M-Bus.

From small to sturdy

Our MultiConnect gateway captures wM-Bus radio protocols and forwards these via a mobile network to our Meter Gateway Management (MGM) web application or a customer-designated server. 

Forwarded data are decrypted only once they reach the server and remain encrypted both during transmission and on the device.

Devices can be configured entirely server-side through our Meter Gateway Management (MGM) web application. This means they can be adjusted anytime — without the need for a site visit. The integrated data logger also backs up both device data and signals to ensure nothing is lost if the mobile network is disrupted. 

Smart Meter Language (SML), wireless M-Bus, and OMS make up supported radio protocols.

Model variations

Comgy MultiConnect I

MultiConnect I

Due to its compact size, the MultiConnect I is ideally suited for electricity- and heat-transfer points and can be effortlessly mounted on the DIN rail. An external antenna with a magnetic base can easily be attached if radio reception is inhibited by a steel enclosure.

Two relays can also be integrated to allow for the remote control of heat pumps, solar panels, door openers, or other systems.

Our MultiConnect I is extremely energy-efficient to boot, consuming a maximum of 12 kWh of electricity per year at full functionality.

MultiConnect III

MultiConnect II comes with a particularly stable casing for the purpose of installation in stairwells and outside areas. A frontal covering can also be made available in the customer’s corporate or preferred design.

As with the MultiConnect I, this gateway can be outfitted with two integrated relays for remote control of heat pumps, solar panels, door openers, or other systems. 

Our MultiConnect II consumes between 13 and 90 kWh per year with full functionality as “M-Bus meister.”

MultiConnect III battery

This variation on the MultiConnect II has been designed for two special use-cases:

  1. This battery-powered device is used wherever there is no power supply. The sturdy, weatherproof casing makes it ideal for outdoor and stairwell installation. Modifications can be made here, as with our other products, to accommodate your corporate or preferred design.
  2. To expand radio range, this gateway can also be used as a repeater.

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