Use our gateway solutions to connect all devices.

We developed two series of gateways to enable simple, encrypted communication between meters, sensors, and our customer platform. Not only meters and sensors but also gateways can be administered through our Meter Gateway Management (MGM) web application. This makes complete remote configuration of devices possible and also minimizes the need for return trips to the field.

Easy integration

Our software client can be implemented as a firmware extension for the hardware of different manufacturers. This makes for quick integration of manufacturer-independent gateways, such as the Smart Meter gateway.

Many variations

Our devices are available in many different variations for your unique use- and installation-cases. Ports, casing, and power supply can all be adapted to conditions on site. The Commander gateway can also be implemented as a repeater.

Our series of gateways


Our MultiConnect gateway captures meter protocols and digital input and forwards these via a mobile network to our MGM platform or designated server. The integrated data logger backs up meter data and signals, preventing data loss if the mobile network is disrupted.

Devices such as heat pumps, solar panels, and door openers can also be remotely operated using two optional relay integrations.

The MultiConnect gateway is available either with stable, weather-proof casing or in the DIN-rail variation with an external antenna for use at power and heat transfer points.

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Our Commander-series gateway captures the radio protocols of 1,500+ meters and forwards these via WiFi, Ethernet, or a mobile network (GSM) to our MGM platform or a designated customer server. One or more repeaters can be attached to the Commander, increasing the number of meters from which data is received.

To ensure secure transmission, all data remains encrypted for the entirety of its transport, only decrypted once it reaches its final destination: the target system.

The Commander’s hardware comes capable of smart-home device management; upcoming software versions will support this functionality.

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We’d be happy to advise you as to which device best meets your needs.