You can count on us.

Accurate and correct billing of annual consumption really makes a difference.

Billing in a timely fashion and at no additional effort: in Comgy, you’ll find a reliable partner while meeting the requirements of tomorrow today. 

Our billing services

Full service

We’ll complete all associated billing as part of our full-service package.

Especially important to us is billing that is easy to understand for everyone.

Data service

You’re looking to integrate consumption data directly into your operating cost statement?

We’ll deliver a dataset of estimated (plausible) values in your desired format for easy integration into your existing system. 

Data service lite

You need raw consumption values, straight from the sub-metering process, for the sake of further processing? 

We’ll take care of the full wireless, radio-infrastructure setup and make the data you want available in real time. 

Assemble the billing services you want from our building-block catalog of options.

We’d love to work with you to design the ideal package for your needs.

“Informative billing” is the word

Preparing for the future today.

The energy-savings effect of consumption information is well-known: countless studies have confirmed that consumption-dependent billing gives tenants a way and a means to reduce their costs. For this reason, tenants have the right in Germany to a 15% reduction of their bill if at least 50% of costs cannot be allocated on a consumption basis.

It’s thus just a matter of time before consumption information throughout (and not just at the end of) the year becomes mandatory in Germany, with this trend likely to spread to other countries. The first steps in this direction have already been taken with the passage of the European Parliament’s Revised Energy Efficiency Directive in December 2018. Foreseen by the revised directive are the following:

  • After 2020, all installed or swapped meters must support remote readout technology.
  • After 2022, meters capable of remote readout must meet the requirement for monthly consumption data.
  • After 2027, all meters must be outfitted with radio-based (wireless) technology.
Smart Building Comgy

Fully automated meter reading (AMR)

In addition to meters, smoke detectors and other sensor devices can easily be integrated into our system. This makes yearly maintenance visits unnecessary and opens up new possibilities for monitoring and smart-building applications.

The smart building

Our in-house developed, multi-functional gateways the cornerstone of our intelligent sub-metering technology can also be used to operate and control building technology. This technology lays the foundation for an in-building IoT-infrastructure and also paves the way for the further digitalization of your real estate.

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Monitoring and optimization

Based on wireless (radio) technology, a range of intelligent applications can be used to monitor heat systems or detect leaks early, preventing water damage, to name only a few examples.

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Security by the highest standard

Smoke detectors will become or are currently mandatory for all buildings in Germany, depending on the federal state (Bundesland). Get started now with a secure, durable technology you can rely on whose radio-powered status updates also reduce the need for tenant maintenance.

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You want to take over certain aspects yourself?

We’ll help you collect consumption data on your own.