The future of real estate is digital.

Start profiting from this transformation today, with Comgy as a partner.

Innovation means rethinking sub-metering services and casting off old structures. This goes far beyond the mere application of wireless technology. With Comgy, you can retain your independence while assembling a suitable and custom service-solution for your needs. Because sub-metering can be so much more.

Sub-metering customized by you

Sub-metering services

You’re looking for a reliable partner in heat cost allocation billing who simplifies traditional procedures, so you can focus entirely on your core business? We’ve got your back.

Sub-metering solutions

You want complete consumption billing or the visualization of individual elements? Select the building-blocks that meet your needs from our modular service structure.

Flexibility and independence

With our modular service-solutions and flexible contract durations, the ball is in your court. We also rely entirely on the OMS radio standard, shielding you from device-dependency and ensuring that everything proceeds without a hitch. Even if you decide at any point not to continue using our service.

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Consumption measurement that is future-proof also requires consumption data be represented and billed to tenants in a transparent way, in line with our mission to deliver transparent, easy-to-understand operating cost statements for practical energy conservation and additional-cost prevention. Transparency does not stop at consumption values, in this sense, but also extends to our processes.

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Fully automated meter reading (AMR)

Thanks to the wireless (radio-powered) technology of our stationary gateways, apartment visits or walk-by readouts at the end of each year are now unnecessary. Consumption data is readily accessible on our web application (MGM) monthly, daily, or in real time by the minute. In this way, billing at the end of each respective consumption period is made fast and simple. Smoke detectors or other sensor devices can also easily be integrated into our wireless, radio-powered infrastructure.

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Monitoring and control

For us, “intelligent” sub-metering technology means that consumption data is used intelligently, with both tenants and property owners standing to benefit. For instance: automatic early leak detection. The pillar of our intelligent sub-metering service is our multi-functional gateway, developed in house and with remote-control capability for integration with smart-home technology. By using our services, you are effectively laying the foundation for an IoT-infrastructure and paving the way for the digitalization of all your real estate.

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High-resolution and secure data

Your tenants, your processes, your data these things should be protected. All our data protocols are individually encrypted, from meter to server, for the best possible security. This means we are already in compliance with OMS4 requirements as well as with the latest guidelines from Germany’s federal office for data security.

Personal communication

In the age of widespread digitalization and automatization, people continue to play an integral role. A real person will be your go-to point of contact, whose job it is to meet your needs and hear your concerns.

Sub-metering can be so much more. Take advantage now!