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The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)


The European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) is a measure of the European Union with the aim of improving energy efficiency in order to reduce dependency on energy imports and to counter climate change. Given that a good third of all energy consumption in Germany is used for heating and hot water, this area is of particular importance.


The aim of the EED is to provide users with better information about their consumption in the future. If tenants and owners receive more frequent and more transparent consumption information, they can better understand how their individual behavior affects energy consumption. As a result, they can react promptly, thereby controlling their consumption more efficiently and thus reducing their costs and emissions.

Requirements for the measurement technology to be installed

Starting From October 2020

The EED specifies that only remotely readable metering equipment is to be newly installed (when installing or changing acquisition equipment).

Until January 1st, 2027

All measurement technology must be remotely readable. Devices already installed must be retrofitted or replaced accordingly by then.

Recommended Action

In order not to have to retrofit later, we recommend not only to install remotely readable measurement technology, but also to read it directly stationary and at least monthly via radio (AMR equipment).

Requirement for consumption information to the user

Starting from October 2020

From here on, the EED prescribes a semi-annual consumption information to the user (on individual user request also quarterly, if radio-readable meters are available).

Starting from January 1st, 2022

The EED requires mandatory monthly consumption information for all users with remotely readable metering.

Recommended Action

If AMR technology is available, start directly with automated (monthly) consumption information. Even semi-annual information means a significant amount of work without automation.

Comgy EED Solution

Legal & Data Security

  • Comgy is a member of industry associations such as DEUMESS e.V. and closely follows legislation at this level
  • 100% data protection compliant according to DSGVO
  • Individual encryption for each end device


  • Additional functions such as cost forecasts at monthly and yearly level per usage unit as well as consumer-friendly push information in the event of deviating consumption (back payment alarm)
  • Consumption during the year is accurately estimated thanks to our technology, even when complete data is not available
  • Identification of consumption guzzlers (leakage detection) and automatic alarm function in case of further unusual events such as e.g. heating failure


  • Integration with existing tenant portals such as Casavi, Facilioo, etc.
  • Alternatively as standalone web and mobile app
  • Or more simply as a nevertheless EED-compliant PDF via e-mail or letter
  • Connection to your system landscape (ERP/house management software) for automation of the necessary data exchange
  • Billing and EED fulfillment in one package

Costs & Operating Efficiency

  • Comgy focuses on efficiency in readout and processing meter data, saving you money in the medium to long term through low operational costs
  • Transparency in pricing, no hidden costs

Optimal Entry Solution

  • We provide support on request as the primary contact for tenant issues
  • We support you comprehensively and individually in the implementation and announcement to the tenants
  • Flexible contract terms
  • No manufacturer, system or software dependency

Digital Know How

  • Comgy is a digital pioneer in metering and from the very beginning has relied on an automatic radio infrastructure or readout (the prerequisite technology for intra-year consumption information)
  • Flexibility as well as fast reaction to new requirements through own software development and partly hardware development

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Digitization and automation do not happen overnight, but implementing the new EED is a good (first) step. We support you at the start as well as in the long term and with related digitization topics. From PDF dispatch to the tenant portal. Our solution can be easily integrated into existing web portals, but also works as a standalone web and mobile app as well as a plain PDF that can be sent by email or post.

EED Solution Mobile and Desktop

Comgy has thought of the metering service digitally from the very beginning. The requirements of the new EED demand exactly the technologies we have been developing from the beginning and working with for years such as fully automatic meter reading (AMR) with open radio standards (OMS).

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