Comgy provides software solutions for meter installation and maintenance. These are applied by energy suppliers and submetering providers in the housing industry.

MIM Mobile App & MGM Desktop App

A mobile tool for meter installation, seamless documentation and automated data logging. An additional desktop application enables control and maintenance of gateways and meters – data management included.


Meter Gateway Management


Installation Manager


Radiator Recognition

Gateway solution that connects your devices

Easy, encrypted and wireless communication between meters and sensors within your property on the one hand and an online platform on the other.

Remote access enables control and maintenance. No on-site operations are required.

Multi Meter Gateway
WiFi, Ethernet and GSM standard
Compatible with common meters and sensorsRemote management and maintenance

Cloud & Server Solutions

Start operations right now without investing in own infrastructure by using MGM Cloud Plug and Play. In case you already have an appropriate IT infrastructure in place, we offer the MGM Server solution that will be fully integrated into your system.



  • Plug & Play
  • 100% managed service
  • No contract, no hardware
  • Pay as you go



  •  Non-cloud solution
  • 100% on your system
  • Local data storage
  • One-time licence fee

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